Well, what can I say? I’m your silly, funny, hopeless-romantic, out-of-the-norm photographer! I started shooting weddings when I realized that I loved watching couples “do their thing.” You know, laughing and giggling, flirting and goofing around. So far, I’ve shot roughly 40+ weddings with almost an entire schedule booked for next year!




When people ask what I do, I tend to respond with “I shoot couples. Only couples in love.” As you can imagine, most people give me a quizzing look followed by the ‘lightbulb’ going off. However, I wouldn’t just call myself a wedding photographer. I would probably add much more to the resume, such as: coordinator, fashion designer, coffee maker, dress zipper, tissue holder, and cake decorator. Even then, I’m sure I’ve done just about everything you can imagine!


My style of shooting varies from couple to couple. I’ve shot both very classy, ritzy weddings to rustic, outdoor, country, down-home with my boots on weddings. My two favorite seasons, here in Montana, are summer and fall. Summer for the golden sunsets, and fall for the gorgeous reds, yellows, and greens. My recent adventures have taken me more to the mountains in Red Lodge and in Bozeman. There is nothing more breathtaking to me than snow-capped mountains in early fall.





My ultimate goal is to be able to travel the world and share this talent. Someday, I plan on traveling to underdeveloped countries and documenting the children. How is this related to wedding photography? I’m not entirely sure. However, I do know that everyday I spend with new people, I learn. I learn what they do, where they are from, what they love, their hobbies, their passions, and whatever else I can ask.